July 20


Week three of term three sees the swimming program kick off. Two weeks of daily swimming lessons means we work around visits to the pool, and the ensuing tiredness which this generally entails. Our comprehension focus will shift to developing skills in questioning. Questions we ask before we read, during reading and after reading to deepen our understanding of text. We will have a continued focus on developing familiarity with the features of non fiction texts and locating information using tables of contents and the index. Writing tasks will focus on the appropriate use of question marks and questioning words who, what, when, where, why and how. Prep students will continue to work on counting strategies in maths, developing skip counting patterns and facility with efficient strategies for sorting and recording when counting collections.

July 20


2016-07-20 10.59.24A gorgeous day at the Collingwood Children’s Farm today for the prep students, teachers and fabulous parent helpers. The weather was very kind to us and it was a great day of hands on, up close and personal with a range of animals. Lots of good learning for the prep students and adults alike! 2016-07-20 11.26.11 2016-07-20 11.28.41 2016-07-20 11.33.11 2016-07-20 11.47.15 2016-07-20 11.48.01

February 22

Welcome 2016 Prep Families!

Welcome to the start of your child’s prep year! We are looking forward to an amazing year together. Keep an eye on the blog to gain information, updates, and examples of our prep learning through published photos, videos, and pieces of work, here on the prep blog.

As discussed at our parent information evening, we have an information book for prep families that you can download here:  MPPS 2016 Prep Information Booklet.

We encourage you to visit the blog regularly – the more visitors we get, the more we will be encouraged to keep posting! We welcome comments on our posts, in regards to student learning and experiences, and you can find out more about how to do this on the “How to leave a comment” page.

Prep Team


August 17

100th Day of School

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated the 100th day of school in style! We counted, created and celebrated all about 100, and had an amazing party. Thanks to everyone for sending in their plates of food to share! We are 100 days brighter!

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