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Tips from Primary English Teaching Association: Homework: ‘Good things to do at home’

Homework for young learners needs to start from your child and your family. Homework should be good things to do at home. School work is for school, not home. There are many things that you, as the child’s first teacher, can do to help your child keep learning and to keep liking learning at school. Since learning is a lifelong experience, it is important the children’s positive attitudes to learning continue. The time you spend with your child before and after school each day passes so quickly it’s important to focus on how and what they are learning and most importantly how they are liking learning all these different things.

Learning each day

  • Spend time talking about your child’s day
  • Spend time involving your child in the jobs you and the other family members do around the house each day
  • Turn everyday activities into learning opportunities;

–      writing notes and shopping lists,

–      reading signs, logos and prices,

–      comparing products

–      measuring, looking at procedures in cooking, gardening, constructing

  • Watch a TV program together (cartoon, children’s show, advertisement, news segment etc.) then turn the TV off and talk about it.
  • Value drawings, paintings, writing and constructions done at home or school.
  • Help your child learn to organise themselves.
  • Try to maintain and support your child’s first language, if your child speaks another language in addition to English.
  • Turn off the television at least one day a week.

–      Tell your own stories

–      Retell family events together

–      Make up jokes, songs, rhymes from old ones: change the words in known songs and rhymes to suit your family.

–      Walk and talk: go for a walk, look for things of interest to your child and chat about these and other things

–      Read a book together

–      Play a board game as a family


201 tips for literacy & numeracyThe DEECD’s 201 literacy and maths tips to help your child booklet provides practical activities for you to do with your child at home and questions you can ask your child to help them learn.

The booklet is divided into age groups Before School – Year 2 and Year 3 – Year 6.

The booklet is divided into: Before School – Year 2 and Year 3 – Year 6.

The booklet is divided into age groups Before School – Year 2 and Year 3 – Year 6.

Translated versions of the Literacy and Maths Tips booklet

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