May 5

Curriculum & Learning Experiences

Here you will find information about what the preps will be learning over the year. You can view the Prep Team curriculum plan for the year, and see what the learning focus is on over each term. Click on the pages for Literacy and Numeracy for specific information and resources that can support your child’s learning both at school and at home!

The following is an outline of the key learning foci for each term over the year. Of course, as we get to know your children better, the learning focus can shift and change to support and target their specific learning interests and needs.

TERM 1 – We are ROCC stars!

Preps learn about our school values (Respect, Optimism, Care, Collaboration) and what it means to be a part of the classroom and school community.

Literacy – The initial focus is on developing good reading and writing behaviours and building knowledge and letters, sounds and high frequency words. We will focus on drawing to help develop ideas for writing and sharing favourite stories and discussing our reading.

Maths – We will be counting, counting, counting! Preps will also exploring sorting and classifying shapes and objects, as well as creating different patterns with shapes and colours. We will begin to understand patterns in the number system.

TERM 2 – Sensational Science!

We learn about how science is a part of our everyday lives and the different things that scientists do. Preps engage in some scientific observations and investigations.

Literacy – We will look at the differences between fiction and non fiction texts. We develop our comprehension strategies, with a focus on predicting, questioning and summarising. Preps will also continue to develop a range of reading strategies to help work out new words when reading independently and at home. Preps will begin to develop their writing and spend time working on their sentence structure including full stops, spaces between words and beginning to use upper and lower case letters correctly. We will continue to work on recognising and spelling commonly used words.

Maths – Preps will continue to develop their counting skills. These include strategies for counting objects (such as lining them up, and touching each object) as well as recording amounts in numbers and pictures. We will have a focus on teen numbers as ‘one group of ten and some more’. Preps will also begin to build their understanding of addition and part-part-whole relationships, i.e. 5 can be made up of 3 and 2, or 4 and 1, or 2 and 2 and 1, etc.

TERM 3 – People, Places and Me.

Preps will be learning about how different people are connected across the world. We will also be thinking about how people have lived in different times and places, and looking for similarities and differences.

Literacy – We will continue to build on strategies for accuracy in reading and comprehension. The students will continue to work on individual goals in reading and writing and developing the skills they need to become more independent.

Maths – This term we will focus on extending counting skills to some simple skip counting patterns, counting forwards and backwards from different starting points and writing 2 digit numbers with the correct digit order. We will begin learning about ‘take away’ as a starting point for subtraction.

TERM 4 – Creatures and Their Habitats.

We will be exploring our local environment to learn about and observe different creatures in their habitats. Prep students will discuss the needs of living things and consider the impact that they can have on their environment.

Literacy – In term 4, students apply their developing skills to reading different types of texts (fiction and non fiction) and writing for different purposes. Students will be encouraged to begin some basic self-editing, such as rereading their sentences to check the spelling of known words, or fix up their upper and lower case letters. Students will also be encouraged to learn about and use a wider vocabulary in both reading and writing.

Maths – We will again be applying our increased knowledge of numbers and counting to different problem solving situations. Students will have a strong focus on place value, and understanding the importance of groups of ten in our number system. We will continue to use our counting and comparing skills to informally measure objects, as well as sorting and ordering.

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