May 5

How to leave a comment

“Blogging is about reading, thinking, and responding.”

Huzzah! student bloggers

As Kathleen Morris points out on her blog  ”There is no denying that students get a lot more out of blogging when they receive comments. Comments provide feedback, encouragement, advice, positive reinforcement, learning, conversation and new ways of thinking among other things.“ Her site lists 12 Tips for attracting comments to your class or student blogs, it’s well worth a look.

When commenting on this blog there are a few guidelines we’d like people to follow. These are also relevant to students and parents when commenting on the blogs they encounter.

  • Please keep all comments relevant to the original post. Be constructive and aim to add meaningful information on the topic.
  • Be respectful, think about the author and the purpose of their post. If you disagree with something someone has posted offer some suggestions.
  • Don’t share personal information. When posting a comment don’t post your last name and your email addresses will only be visible to the adminstrators.
  • If youre an MPPS student commenting on another student’s posts remember that your comments should be about writing advice and the class. As a guide refer to the 6 traits of writing to shape your comments. Example 1, example 2
  • Finally if one of the posts on this blog , or one of our school or student blogs, does attract your attention please take the time to leave a comment. It would be nice for them to know their thoughts and opinions have sparked your interest. Also its just nice to say hello.

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