July 29

Term 3 Update!

Dear Foundation /Prep Families,

Welcome to term 3, which is slipping by too quickly. 103 days of school down already! We’re very excited about heading into our next hundred; so much learning happens during this term, now that our students have settled into all the routines of school.

Integrated Studies 

Our Integrated Studies topic for term 3 is Our World of Animals, and we’ve enjoyed one very exciting event so far- a fantastic incursion by Wild Action Zoo. We’ve met, held and patted many different animals so far, including a (small) salt water crocodile called Steve, a barking own called Connie, a wallaby joey called Sugar, a green tree frog called Freddo, a two headed lizard (not really!) called Bumpy Stumpy, a turtle called Shellie, 2 snakes called Casper and Ollie, a potoroo called Paleo and a beautiful blue and golden macaw called Midget. Have a look at our blog to see the photos we took! We are really excited about next week’s excursion to the Collingwood Children’s Farm, thank you to those parents who have volunteered to come along and help. Don’t forget to send in something that has to do with animals for Show and Share, that will then be added to our ‘Observation Table.’ If you need a new Show and Share roster please let us know.


In literacy we are learning about nonfiction texts this term, so don’t be surprised if indexes and tables of contents pop up in conversation! Your child will continue to bring home books each night, and the M100W wordlists. When they are able to recognise the first 100 words by sight, we will send home a Look Say Cover Write Check book, which is one of many strategies we use in our spelling program. Each Friday teachers will endeavour to select 5 words for your child to practise spelling at home; students shouldn’t spend more than 10 minutes on this each week. Remember to keep the reading and word activities fun and light at home- so your child continues to develop a healthy, relaxed approach to sharing their learning at home and school.


In numeracy we will continue to explore numbers to 20 and beyond, and will be looking at time, addition and subtraction, shapes and simple graphs. You can support your child in their numeracy development at home through board games, dice and card games, and including them in any real life situations where number skills are needed- counting, shopping, cooking etc. We also begin learning about some of the different strategies in our “Mathematician’s Toolbox”. These are the strategies we can select from when solving mathematical problems.

Special events

Other highlights that are coming up are Italian Day on Monday 3rd August, (don’t forget to dress up!) and a special show at the local library for Book Week, put on by CARP productions. Attached is our Prep term calendar with other upcoming events. Please check the Prep blog each week for any other updates or photos of what we’ve been up to at school! We will send you some more information about the exciting events we have planned to celebrate Book Week, Science Week, and Literacy and Numeracy Week soon.

Kind regards

Jenny, Nicole and Melanie

August 8

Week 3 and 4

What are busy couple of weeks we have had! We had a fantastic day last Friday celebrating our 100th day of school with lots of activities and delicious food for our party. Thank you to all families who contributed a treat to share with all 3 prep classes. Luckily the disco was organised for the same night so the children were able to dance the night away and use up some of their energy! It was great to see so many prep children having a fun with their friends at the disco and lots of parent helpers.

Last week we had our excursion to the Collingwood Children’s Farm where we were able to see and feed some of the beautiful animals. This week we also had a visit from the Wild Action Zoo where students were able to get up close to some fascinating creatures like a crocodile, snake, and an owl (photos to follow soon)! They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learnt some interesting facts about each animal. We are loving learning about animals in our world and things they need to survive!

Last week our letter of the week was ‘p’ and this week we have been learning about the letter ‘k’. We have been continuing with some personal writing and our “VIP” letters. This week in buddies we have been working on an animal project where students choose an animal, draw and label a diagram of it, and write facts they know about this animal. This project will continue over the remainder of the term during buddies.

July 23

Term 3 Begins!

We have made a flying start to Term 3 in Prep over our first 2 weeks. Firstly, we have to congratulate the prep students on their amazing presentations of their learning during our Three Way Conferences this week! We were astounded at their ability to articulate their learning progress and experiences. This was a great night that really emphasised the team effort in supporting our fabulous preps in their education – with the students themselves as leaders of their own learning! Our topic this term is “Our World of Animals”. We will be putting on our ‘scientist hats’ as we investigate and explore animals in different environments. This term will see the preps sorting and classifying animals, using their senses and recording their observations of animals, and investigating the needs of animals for survival in different habitats. This will include some great hands-on experiences including the Collingwood Children’s Farm on Wednesday, and the Wild Action Zoo incursion in Week 4. Our literacy learning continues, with our first 2 weeks looking at the letters ‘r’ and ‘n’. We have started weekly personal writing, where students make choices about what type of writing to do, exploring text types such as story writing, recipes, recount of events, writing jokes, lists and information about topics of interest. We have also started the V.I.P. (Very Important Prep) of the week in each class. Students each write a letter to the V.I.P. telling them why they are special. By the end of the year, each prep will get to bring home a beautiful book of the letters to share with you. We have been exploring different materials and strategies that we can use to measure and compare length over the last 2 weeks in maths, and will continue to work on our counting and number skills over the next few weeks. As always, we appreciate all your support. Keep checking those satchels for notes for the many activities coming up – the 100th day of school party and school disco for next Friday, just to name a couple!