June 17

Literacy Information Evening

Thanks to all the parents who were able to come along to our literacy information session last night. Click on the link below to access the handout of information, focusing on prompts and ideas to support home reading!

Reading information for prep parents

You can also access the powerpoint presentations from our literacy leader Andrea Gale. These were presented at the literacy partnerships morning workshops. The link below will take you to our MPPS literacy website, where you can access the slideshows. This website also has further information about resources that are used to support the literacy program from Prep to Year 6 at Moonee Ponds P.S.



November 28

Prep B Slideshows

Hello Everyone, Here is a Whole New Album of some Prep B Slideshows( Nicole’s grade) and our first slideshow will be about the Prep B book week dress up day. So what are we waiting for?

That was Awesome! After seeing all those Beautiful and Handsome characters, you might feel like browsing some pictures of the Prep B Collingwood Children’s Farm Visit! The Pictures are even better and I bet you’ll like them! So what are we waiting for?

Unfortunately, this brings us to the final stage of this post- The Conclusion -so feel free to browse and comment! If you have any questions or quarries, please let us know and make sure you always visit our blog!

Thanks, Nicole (Prep Teacher), Bye!


November 28

Prep C Slideshows

Hello Everyone, here is a whole new Album on the Prep C Slideshows! The pictures are awesome and I bet you’ll like them. So what are we waiting for? Go ahead and win the race!

Now here are 24 photo’s of the Prep C Italian Day. Feel Free To have a look at these awesome pictures! Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed watching because now we are moving onto the next slide which is even better! Again, feel free to browse and comment! Now we are moving onto the Prep C Buddy shapes! These Pictures are based on shapes the preps have been working on with their big 5/6 Buddies. So what are we waiting for?


Now that was great! Wasn’t It? Well we will be moving onto the next slide in a while which is all about the Prep C Concert 2014! The pictures are great and I bet you’ll like them! So what are we waiting for?

Hope you enjoyed watching! You might be bored by now for watching all those photo’s! Well we’ve only got a few more to go! So what are we waiting for? This next slideshow is going to be about The Prep C Collingwood Children’s Farm visit. So here we go!

That was Awesome! that leads us to the final stages of this post! We only have two more to go! This following slideshow is about the Prep C Book Week Dress Up Day! So what are we waiting for? Here it goes…

After seeing these awesome characters from books, I am sadly announcing that we only have one slideshow left for you to see! This slideshow is all about the Prep C Firefighter Visit. So what are waiting for?

Now that leads us to the final stage of this post- The Conclusion – so feel free to browse and comment! If you have any questions or quarries, please let us know and make sure you visit our blog!

Thanks, By Jenny(Prep Teacher), Bye!


May 1

Term 2 News!

Dear parents and carers,

Term 2 has literally started on the run, as this week saw us all participating so enthusiastically in our Cross Country Run! Congratulations again to all students for a terrific effort on what turned out to be such a beautiful morning. The autumn sunshine was a welcome sight- and for the rest of the term we can continue to enjoy it without our hats, which you can now put away until term 3. Don’t forget to label all other clothing items very clearly, as we find many leftover things in the bag room each afternoon.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Me!

Learning about the benefits of exercise is a big part of our Integrated Studies topic this term. We have started with our run this week, and later in the term will have our whole school Athletics Carnival. Students will also be learning about recognising and expressing their emotions, recognising and acting on their basic needs, recognising safe and unsafe environments, knowing who helps to keep them healthy and knowing which foods are healthy for their bodies. We’ll be asking for lots of your input to assist us with this topic- thank you to those parents who have volunteered to be guest speakers, and to those who might like to offer their expertise in the health field, please let us know as soon as possible. (Grandparents are also welcome to contribute!)


We will continue to work on our understanding of numbers to 20 and beyond, and will also be learning about addition, subtraction, length and time. Remember to talk about numbers that you see in your everyday life and practise counting anything and everything! You can use the number charts and number lines sent home earlier this year to practise recognising and finding numbers, and counting forwards and backwards. Ask you child to tell you everything they know about a number, you may be surprised with how much they can tell you! Our first 100 days of school are flying by, and next Tuesday we will be celebrating our halfway mark- day 50.


Our literacy program will continue to focus on the letters of the alphabet and the different sounds they make, important reading strategies to help us become independent readers, writing skills, comprehension skills and recognising the most commonly used words by sight. Keep up the work at home with the M100W lists that come home, and don’t forget to discuss your weekend activities with your child before Monday morning! Later this term we will be holding a literacy information night for prep parents, so you can understand more about how students learn at school and assist them more at home.


Home Reading is going well- thank you for all your assistance with the program. Please remember that our students are trying hard to focus during our literacy session, so distractions need to be kept to a minimum. While you are welcome to bring your younger children, please be prepared to find an alternative if it’s not working!

Coming up later this term will be MPPS Athletics Carnival. This is a great day out for the whole school, and one that we couldn’t manage without the support of our MPPS families. If you can come along for half an hour all the whole day, let us know when the notes come out soon!

Welcome to Ashlee and Samantha from Victoria University who will be working in the Prep Area during Term 2 and Term 3 on their teaching placements!

Term 2 Dates to Note

Please place the dates to remember in a spot you will remember to check, as the term ahead is a busy one.

Week 3 Thursday 8th May
  • Student Free Day
Friday 9th May
  • Mother’s Day Stall
Week 4 Tuesday 13th May
  • Fitness activity – Clare Walker
Thursday 15th May
  • Yoga – Sandra Katsikis
Week 6 Wednesday 28th May
  • Whole School Athletics Carnival
Thursday 29th May
  • The Power of One incursion
Week 7 Tuesday 3rd June
  • Police visit
  • Prep Literacy Evening
Wednesday 4th June
  • Ambulance visit
Week 10 Thursday 26th June
  • Semester 1 reports sent home
Friday 27th June
  • Last day of Term 2
  • 2:00pm Assembly
  • 2:20pm Home Time

Kind regards,

Jenny, Rebecca and Nicole