May 14

Buddies: Rainy Day Activities Thursday 4 May 2015

In today’s Buddy session, we were meant to play sport however it was raining and we couldn’t do that. So, we asked our Buddies what they like to do on a rainy day. They replied with reading books, drawing pictures and a whole lot of other rainy day activities. After that we went up to the Library and read some books, drew some pictures and had a quiet little chat with our friends. Even though it was a cold and rainy day, it turned out not so bad.

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May 5

Friday 1 May Buddy Session

Last Friday, we had a sport session with our buddies. We rotated between three activities. Those activities were Octopus,  throwing and catching and tunnel ball. Here is what some people thought of it.

” I really enjoyed this session. Even though some kids were very confused, they got it in the end and had a good time.”

Mia 5/6 B

” I really liked doing this. I think it was a good experience for the preps and I think everyone enjoyed this session. “

Mali 5/6 A


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April 10

Thursday 26 March 2015 Buddies

In our Buddies session this week, we created our own Buddy Bear.

We got to cut out our bear and put him/her together using split pins. After that we got to decorate them however we want to and give it a name. All the little buddies got to take their bears home to show it off to their parents.

After we made our Buddy Bears, we went down to the oval to enjoy a nice picnic all together. The preps aren’t allowed on the oval so they were very excited to go.

I think all our buddies had a lot of fun!

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November 28

Prep C Slideshows

Hello Everyone, here is a whole new Album on the Prep C Slideshows! The pictures are awesome and I bet you’ll like them. So what are we waiting for? Go ahead and win the race!

Now here are 24 photo’s of the Prep C Italian Day. Feel Free To have a look at these awesome pictures! Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed watching because now we are moving onto the next slide which is even better! Again, feel free to browse and comment! Now we are moving onto the Prep C Buddy shapes! These Pictures are based on shapes the preps have been working on with their big 5/6 Buddies. So what are we waiting for?


Now that was great! Wasn’t It? Well we will be moving onto the next slide in a while which is all about the Prep C Concert 2014! The pictures are great and I bet you’ll like them! So what are we waiting for?

Hope you enjoyed watching! You might be bored by now for watching all those photo’s! Well we’ve only got a few more to go! So what are we waiting for? This next slideshow is going to be about The Prep C Collingwood Children’s Farm visit. So here we go!

That was Awesome! that leads us to the final stages of this post! We only have two more to go! This following slideshow is about the Prep C Book Week Dress Up Day! So what are we waiting for? Here it goes…

After seeing these awesome characters from books, I am sadly announcing that we only have one slideshow left for you to see! This slideshow is all about the Prep C Firefighter Visit. So what are waiting for?

Now that leads us to the final stage of this post- The Conclusion – so feel free to browse and comment! If you have any questions or quarries, please let us know and make sure you visit our blog!

Thanks, By Jenny(Prep Teacher), Bye!


September 18

Buddies habitat prompts

  • What is your animal?
  • What is your animal’s habitat?
  • What is in its habitat to help it survive?
  • What does your animal have on its body?
  • How does it move?
  • What does it need for survival?
  • What does it eat?
  • Who are its predators?
  • Who is its prey?
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August 8

Week 3 and 4

What are busy couple of weeks we have had! We had a fantastic day last Friday celebrating our 100th day of school with lots of activities and delicious food for our party. Thank you to all families who contributed a treat to share with all 3 prep classes. Luckily the disco was organised for the same night so the children were able to dance the night away and use up some of their energy! It was great to see so many prep children having a fun with their friends at the disco and lots of parent helpers.

Last week we had our excursion to the Collingwood Children’s Farm where we were able to see and feed some of the beautiful animals. This week we also had a visit from the Wild Action Zoo where students were able to get up close to some fascinating creatures like a crocodile, snake, and an owl (photos to follow soon)! They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learnt some interesting facts about each animal. We are loving learning about animals in our world and things they need to survive!

Last week our letter of the week was ‘p’ and this week we have been learning about the letter ‘k’. We have been continuing with some personal writing and our “VIP” letters. This week in buddies we have been working on an animal project where students choose an animal, draw and label a diagram of it, and write facts they know about this animal. This project will continue over the remainder of the term during buddies.

June 12

Weeks 7 and 8

With only two weeks to go before the end of term, we have been very busy in the prep area. Thank you again to all the families who attended our Prep literacy information session last Tuesday. It was great to see so many families turn up to gain further insight into how they can help their child with reading, writing and spelling at home. Thanks also to Nicole and Jenny for all their hard work and preparation for the night.

The preps are continuing to enjoy our integrated topic Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Me and last Wednesday we had Joel from Ambulance Victoria visit our school. The students thoroughly enjoyed this session and learnt all about when you should call an ambulance, the number you need to dial and what the word “paramedic” means. Last Friday we had Jill from the local police station come and talk to our preps about being safe in the community and what to do if they ever get lost. But of course the most exciting part was getting to sit in a real police car! This week (week 8) was the second visit from the local fire department. Our preps were full of enthusiasm as they all lined up and had a turn squirting the fire hose over our school yard! Stay tuned for some fantastic photos!

Last Thursday was World Environment Day and we did our part by going all day without lights and heat! It was a challenge, but a great way to remind students about protecting our environment. The students all looked lovely in their green attire and lots of fun was had with colouring in competitions and green goodies for sale.

Our buddies program is in full swing and students are really enjoying time spent getting to know their big buddy. Last week they worked together to trace around a buddy bear, labeling and drawing the different parts of his body. This week the pairs created posters to hang around the school reflecting the message from The Power Of One incursion from week 6.

Last week our letter of the week was W, and we have been using this to focus on the question words what, when, where, why and how. This week our letter is F and the preps have been making some fantastic frogs in their alphabet scrapbooks.