June 5

Maths – We can break whole amounts into parts!

This term in maths we are focusing on developing our ‘additive thinking’. We are looking at each number from 1-10, and finding as many ways as we can to break the amount into smaller ‘parts’ or groups. In prep, we record addition using a picture and a number sentence. We use the words ‘and’ and ‘is’ to explain what we have made. For example, ‘2 and 3 is 5′. It is important that students focus on correct vocabulary while they are developing their sense of numbers and their foundation understandings. Symbols, and words like ‘equals’ are introduced once students have a solid understanding of the processes they are using.

June 1

Doutta Galla Aged Care Visits

This term, Prep A and Prep B have been visiting our older friends at the Queen’s Park aged care home.

We read them stories and poems, share pictures and sing songs!

The residents and staff love seeing our preps there smiling and keeping them company. We are told that for many residents, our visits are the highlight of their week. MPPS was honoured to be acknowledged as part of their volunteer appreciation day.

Prep C and Prep D will take over visiting next term.

Thanks to Leigh Richardson for organising and initiating this fabulous program at our school!

June 1

Sensational science!

We have kicked off our term 2 science focus with some ‘Super Science Fridays’. Every second week, the preps spend most of the day on Friday engaging in different scientific investigations. The focus of this is on exploring different concepts by:

  • making predictions
  • thinking about what we know
  • asking questions
  • testing things out, observing, and recording
  • coming up with some ideas to explain what we have observed

The prep students are loving the chance to get their hands dirty (figuratively and literally) to explore different science concepts such as using our senses, light and sound, weather, water and movement.