February 13

Welcome to Prep 2017!

Welcome to the MPPS Prep blog for 2017!

The Prep blog is a great way to keep up to date with our learning. We will regularly post updates from our classrooms, so please check in and feel free to leave comments.

Wow, the term is flying by! It’s already Week 3! While our main goals this term are focused around our Establishment Program, including the routines and procedures of school, we are also beginning to have more structured lessons in both numeracy and literacy. In numeracy, we are learning to recognise and count collections and to write the digits 0-9. While in literacy, we are learning about letters, sounds and words. Starting from Week 3, we will have a weekly letter focus in all the Prep classes. Our first letter will be… Ss!

As well as all our learning in the last couple of weeks, we have also been participating in developmental play with our friends, as you can see below. We have been so busy, each day is flying by!
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