August 9

Last week – Week 4 of Term 3

Last week included some big events, including Italian day on Monday, and the Collingwood Children’s Farm excursion on Thursday. Both were huge events where our preps enjoyed new experiences to support their learning at school. We will post some prep writing and photos soon.

Another new experience last week was playing on the oval for the first time! The prep students have demonstrated their excellent skills in showing our school values and using problem solving steps when outside in the playground, and we are confident they will continue this in their new extended play areas. The oval provides more room for running around, kicking balls, general frolicking, foraging in the bushes, as well as finding new places to sit and have a relaxing chat. This also coincided with National Tree Planting day, where each prep class planted their own tree along the fence along Bent St. We look forward to watching these grow and change with the students over the next few years!

IMG_8059 Preps on oval Preps on ovalIMG_8027


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