June 24

Prep Apple Science Experiment

As part of learning about how to stay healthy, the prep classes did an experiment to find out about how clean (or germy) our hands are, and what the effects of this can be!

Apple experiment

We started with an apple cut into 2 pieces. One piece went straight into a jar without being touched. We called this Apple A.

Apple A

The next piece got handed around to each member of the class to touch and hold before going into its jar. We called this Apple B.

Apple B

We waited for about a week or so and then recorded our observations about the changes and effects of the bacteria on our hands (even though our hands didn’t look dirty at the time).


We discussed what we thought this experiment may have taught us:

“It taught me that there were germs on our hands”

“Germs can make things go yucky”

“You can spread germs by touching things”

“You have to wash your hands!”

We have lots of enthusiastic scientists in Prep and we look forward to making some more scientific observations next term, in our unit on “Our World of Animals”.

In term three MPPS will also celebrate Science Week – keep an eye out for events coming up!

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