May 14

Buddies: Rainy Day Activities Thursday 4 May 2015

In today’s Buddy session, we were meant to play sport however it was raining and we couldn’t do that. So, we asked our Buddies what they like to do on a rainy day. They replied with reading books, drawing pictures and a whole lot of other rainy day activities. After that we went up to the Library and read some books, drew some pictures and had a quiet little chat with our friends. Even though it was a cold and rainy day, it turned out not so bad.

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May 5

Friday 1 May Buddy Session

Last Friday, we had a sport session with our buddies. We rotated between three activities. Those activities were Octopus,  throwing and catching and tunnel ball. Here is what some people thought of it.

” I really enjoyed this session. Even though some kids were very confused, they got it in the end and had a good time.”

Mia 5/6 B

” I really liked doing this. I think it was a good experience for the preps and I think everyone enjoyed this session. “

Mali 5/6 A


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