August 8

Week 3 and 4

What are busy couple of weeks we have had! We had a fantastic day last Friday celebrating our 100th day of school with lots of activities and delicious food for our party. Thank you to all families who contributed a treat to share with all 3 prep classes. Luckily the disco was organised for the same night so the children were able to dance the night away and use up some of their energy! It was great to see so many prep children having a fun with their friends at the disco and lots of parent helpers.

Last week we had our excursion to the Collingwood Children’s Farm where we were able to see and feed some of the beautiful animals. This week we also had a visit from the Wild Action Zoo where students were able to get up close to some fascinating creatures like a crocodile, snake, and an owl (photos to follow soon)! They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learnt some interesting facts about each animal. We are loving learning about animals in our world and things they need to survive!

Last week our letter of the week was ‘p’ and this week we have been learning about the letter ‘k’. We have been continuing with some personal writing and our “VIP” letters. This week in buddies we have been working on an animal project where students choose an animal, draw and label a diagram of it, and write facts they know about this animal. This project will continue over the remainder of the term during buddies.

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8 thoughts on “Week 3 and 4

  1. Melina

    Hello Preps!

    It sounds like you are having a lot of fun learning about animals! I like animals too! My favourite animal is cat. What is your favourite animal?

    Did you enjoy being up close to all those animals that came? I know I would of. Did you learn a lot about the different animals of the wild?

    I hope that all of you continue to have fun learning about animals.

    From Melina

  2. samantha2012

    Hi Preps,
    What an amazing term you guys have been having.
    You have done so many fun things like going to Collingwood children’s farm, dancing at the disco and the wild action zoo.
    You must of have been enjoying your first semester.
    I wonder what fun things the teachers will have planned for you.
    Hope you enjoy your term and have a great year.

  3. oreswagmaster

    It looks like the Preps have been doing a lot of work during class. Working with the buddies in the buddies session has been fun. I can’t wait to start the diaramas with the preps.

  4. deanne2012

    The disco was sure a lot of fun! Great job to all the parent helpers who set the whole disco up, it looked amazing.
    And I also hope you guys had a lot of fun at the Collingwood Children’s Farm. I remember going there in prep, the years have gone so fast.

    Deanne 🙂

  5. rubyt

    Well done preps!
    I am Isla buddie Ruby. I believe that after some hard work Sammantha and I. Along with Isla we have choosen a penguin which Isla knows alot about.
    Great Job Preps!
    From Ruby

  6. fidelya2012

    Hi preps,
    I read that you went to the Collingwood Children’s Farm.
    I’m pretty sure you had lots of fun their.
    Also I read that you all went to the disco and you guys were busting some groovy moves.
    I hope you have a good semester.


  7. justyn

    Hello Preps, I hope you are having fun in class while working very hard. I can’t wait to come and help you build your diaramas on Thursday when we have buddies.

    From Justyn

  8. bryces

    What a wonderful two weeks it has been for the preps and I think the preps have alot more to come and alot more learning to do,
    From Bryce.


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