3 thoughts on “Preps Athletics 2014

  1. India

    Hi preps!:)
    Those are really cute photos! I bet you all did very well and made your houses proud! I wasn’t that good when I was your age and I bet you’re all better than me now!

    Well done to you all,
    India (Eva’s buddy )

  2. Melina

    Hello preps!

    You all look like you had a great time on the Athletics day! Everyone tried their hardest and some people jumped really high in the long jump!

    Do you like playing sport? I think that it is really fun!

    Keep having fun

    From Melina (Elina’s buddy)

  3. angelica023

    Wow, you all look like you all had fun, and it also looks like you all tried your hardest. Congratulations to who ever won in a event, but if you did not it does not matter at least you had fun on the day and you participated. Also which ever team won congratulations ( Lawson, Banks, Chisholm, or macarther) I am in Lawson but congratulations to the other teams. In the photos when you are all doing long jump, you all jumped very high which means you done very well, congratulations to who ever won and if you did not win, even if you came 2nd or 3rd or if you did not even get a place it doesn’t matter,what matters is you all participated and and tried your hardest.

    from Angelica


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