June 12

Weeks 7 and 8

With only two weeks to go before the end of term, we have been very busy in the prep area. Thank you again to all the families who attended our Prep literacy information session last Tuesday. It was great to see so many families turn up to gain further insight into how they can help their child with reading, writing and spelling at home. Thanks also to Nicole and Jenny for all their hard work and preparation for the night.

The preps are continuing to enjoy our integrated topic Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Me and last Wednesday we had Joel from Ambulance Victoria visit our school. The students thoroughly enjoyed this session and learnt all about when you should call an ambulance, the number you need to dial and what the word “paramedic” means. Last Friday we had Jill from the local police station come and talk to our preps about being safe in the community and what to do if they ever get lost. But of course the most exciting part was getting to sit in a real police car! This week (week 8) was the second visit from the local fire department. Our preps were full of enthusiasm as they all lined up and had a turn squirting the fire hose over our school yard! Stay tuned for some fantastic photos!

Last Thursday was World Environment Day and we did our part by going all day without lights and heat! It was a challenge, but a great way to remind students about protecting our environment. The students all looked lovely in their green attire and lots of fun was had with colouring in competitions and green goodies for sale.

Our buddies program is in full swing and students are really enjoying time spent getting to know their big buddy. Last week they worked together to trace around a buddy bear, labeling and drawing the different parts of his body. This week the pairs created posters to hang around the school reflecting the message from The Power Of One incursion from week 6.

Last week our letter of the week was W, and we have been using this to focus on the question words what, when, where, why and how. This week our letter is F and the preps have been making some fantastic frogs in their alphabet scrapbooks.

June 3

Weeks 4-6

The term is passing by so quickly- it’s hard to keep up. We have had a busy 3 weeks- finishing this week with our Athletics Carnival on Wednesday, and the Power of One performance on Thursday. Thank you to all the parent helpers for making it so easy for us to run our events so smoothly and for ushering our students from one event to the next. Writing reflections have indicated that the long jump was a hot favourite, closely followed by the ‘awesome’ bus trip!  Special thanks to Nicole too, for making it all run so smoothly- it really did go off without a hitch. The whole school relay was a fun finale on the oval- with several of our very brave preps pounding the track for their house. Congratulations to Chisholm, but also to all Preps- for us it’s more about having a go and putting our best foot forward, whether it’s into the sandpit or on the running track.

We’ve been enjoying our Integrated Studies unit on being healthy, and have welcomed more of our parents who are professionals in the health area. Thank you to Clare for putting us through our paces, and to Sandra for a more relaxing session on yoga.  We also enjoyed a presentation by Arete – who brought along some interesting doctor’s items to share with us including a stethoscope, a sphygmomanometer, a thermometer and an otoscope. Stay tuned for some great photos from our fun unit this term! Our Integrated Studies topic touches on safety and who can help us be safe- so our students were all thrilled to meet some real firefighters this week, who will be returning in week 8 too, to show us their truck and equipment. We look forward to meeting some ambulance drivers and a police officer as well.

Our letters of the week have been M, H and G, and next week we are looking at W. We apologise in advance for all the Groovy Green Grape singing you may have to hear over the weekend! The tune is a bit catchy.

Another activity we’ve been enjoying is our weekly sessions with the school House Captains, who have been working with some of our preps on the fine art of playground fun. So far they have covered picking teams fairly, various tiggy games, marbles, elastics and ball games. We are waiting for an order of brand new balls and equipment to try out some of these new games soon. Sharing our knowledge and skills across year levels is beneficial for all, and it’s been terrific seeing so many preps utilising their new skills during breaks outside. Stay tuned for some great photos soon..