February 21

February Prep newsletter

Friday 21st February, 2014

Dear Prep parents,

Congratulations on surviving the first few weeks of school with your prep children! They are all doing an amazing job, settling in well and learning the routines and expectations of busy school life! Here are a few reminders and helpful ideas to assist your child at school.


Until further notice, we will be going to the Library every Thursday, so please make sure that the book your child borrows is returned each Thursday, in a clearly named library bag. Students are able to use the library bag that came home from school with them last week, or one provided by you. Unfortunately, if library bags are left at home on the day of borrowing, students will not be able to borrow another book. (Library rules!)

Golden Words

Your child has brought home a copy of the Golden Words, which they will be able to tell you all about! These are 12 commonly used words that have been chosen from the Magic 100 Words program, which encourages children to recognise and process important words in reading and writing. (Research shows that there are 100 words that make up, on average, half the words found in reading and writing.) We would like your child to practise searching for and finding these 12 words at home, in support of their school Literacy program. You can help them by commenting on these words when you see them in books, or in the environment. You can play games with these words, such as Memory, Bingo, or Snap. We do not expect that you spend a lot of time on these activities- no more than fifteen minutes per week. Remember, the golden words are everywhere- so they can be easily found and pointed out by you and your child while going about your normal activities. As with our home reading program, it is very important that this is a fun time with your child. As your child gains confidence with the words, we will send home other words to practise, too.


Every Monday, as part of our literacy program, we will spend some time talking, drawing and writing about our weekend. You can support your child in this by having a chat about their weekend activities on Sunday night or Monday morning, to enable them to recall more easily what they have done. Sometimes it’s very easy to forget by Monday morning, so a quick conversation about something your child has enjoyed over the weekend would really help them in this activity.

Poetry Books

Your child has brought home their poetry book to share with you over the weekend. Every week we will be learning a new poem, based on our letter of the week and our Literacy program. Please find 5 minutes to share these with your child every weekend by reading them together and talking about the words and the letters. As we will be using the poetry books regularly, they need to be returned in the satchels every Monday.

Thank you for your support in making your child’s transition into school life so smooth,

Jenny, Nicole and Rebecca

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