June 5

Maths – We can break whole amounts into parts!

This term in maths we are focusing on developing our ‘additive thinking’. We are looking at each number from 1-10, and finding as many ways as we can to break the amount into smaller ‘parts’ or groups. In prep, we record addition using a picture and a number sentence. We use the words ‘and’ and ‘is’ to explain what we have made. For example, ‘2 and 3 is 5′. It is important that students focus on correct vocabulary while they are developing their sense of numbers and their foundation understandings. Symbols, and words like ‘equals’ are introduced once students have a solid understanding of the processes they are using.

June 1

Doutta Galla Aged Care Visits

This term, Prep A and Prep B have been visiting our older friends at the Queen’s Park aged care home.

We read them stories and poems, share pictures and sing songs!

The residents and staff love seeing our preps there smiling and keeping them company. We are told that for many residents, our visits are the highlight of their week. MPPS was honoured to be acknowledged as part of their volunteer appreciation day.

Prep C and Prep D will take over visiting next term.

Thanks to Leigh Richardson for organising and initiating this fabulous program at our school!

June 1

Sensational science!

We have kicked off our term 2 science focus with some ‘Super Science Fridays’. Every second week, the preps spend most of the day on Friday engaging in different scientific investigations. The focus of this is on exploring different concepts by:

  • making predictions
  • thinking about what we know
  • asking questions
  • testing things out, observing, and recording
  • coming up with some ideas to explain what we have observed

The prep students are loving the chance to get their hands dirty (figuratively and literally) to explore different science concepts such as using our senses, light and sound, weather, water and movement.

March 5

Week 5

This week has been all about sorting! Sorting our maths materials, sorting shapes and even sorting letters! We have learnt that we always need a rule when sorting and that we can change the rule and sort again! One of our favourite games this week has been when our teachers sorted us and we needed to work out how they sorted us. This game is called ‘what’s my rule?’. Some of the ways we have sorted our maths tools is by: colour, shape, size and object. We love sorting!

February 24

Week 4, 2017

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Another busy week for the Preps at MPPS. This week, we have been learning all about the letter Ll. We made L leaves in our Alphabet Scrapbook, we drew pictures of things starting with L and we even wrote down some L words! In writing, we discussed what we like to do on our birthday and then we drew pictures and wrote about it. We learnt about graphs this week in numeracy and we even made a birthday graph where we sorted and ordered all our birthdays. We are trying very hard to remember when our own birthdays are! We have been talking about calendars, the days of the week and the date each day. Of course, we had some great developmental play during Friday Fun and some of us have even been doing a Finger Gym on Friday afternoons to help get our hands strong so writing is easier!

February 21


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We can show COLLABORATION! The preps have been learning about our school values and demonstrating them daily in the classroom and the playground. This week we have been focusing on collaboration. We can help each other and work as a team to achieve!

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February 20

Week 3, 2017

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It’s been a short but busy week for the preps at MPPS. In literacy this week, we have been learning all about the letter Ss! We have started using our handwriting books and we’ve done some fantastic writing and drawing about our favourite toy! In numeracy, we discussed the difference between maths tools and toys and we’ve started to record our maths thinking in our maths books. A great week in Prep A, B, C and D.

February 13

Welcome to Prep 2017!

Welcome to the MPPS Prep blog for 2017!

The Prep blog is a great way to keep up to date with our learning. We will regularly post updates from our classrooms, so please check in and feel free to leave comments.

Wow, the term is flying by! It’s already Week 3! While our main goals this term are focused around our Establishment Program, including the routines and procedures of school, we are also beginning to have more structured lessons in both numeracy and literacy. In numeracy, we are learning to recognise and count collections and to write the digits 0-9. While in literacy, we are learning about letters, sounds and words. Starting from Week 3, we will have a weekly letter focus in all the Prep classes. Our first letter will be… Ss!

As well as all our learning in the last couple of weeks, we have also been participating in developmental play with our friends, as you can see below. We have been so busy, each day is flying by!
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August 9

Week 5

The end of the swimming program sees a return to our usual timetabling. Congratulations to all prep students and their families for successful completion of this sometimes gruelling schedule.

We will continue our focus on animals, and extend our writing traits to include a close look at “Word Choice”. Our grammar focus will be on nouns and adjectives and we will review the strategies good readers use.

In maths, we will have our first look at subtraction with lots of hands on activities to cement understanding of taking away.

Please see your child’s teacher if you have any queries.