May 8

Athletics Carnival!!!

Foundation students wore their house colours today and had an awesome time at their very first Athletics carnival! Not even the rain could stop the foundation students from doing their best to win points for their house teams. Thanks to the amazing parent helpers. A fun day was had by all!




May 1

Welcome back to the Foundation blog! Term 2- 2019

There are plenty of exciting things happening in Foundation this term. Take a look at some snapshots of what happened in Foundation today, Wednesday the 1st of May!

All classes completed their first Science lesson today were they learnt about the 5 branches of science.

Prep A were busy focused on writing a retell of a book The Huggles’ Hug.

Prep C were very focused during a maths lesson on collecting and recording Data.


September 18

Sunshine and planting seeds


Today was such a wonderful day for foundation students! We went to the library, did some maths and did some VIP writing and reading. The sun was shining and so we thought it would a wonderful time to head outside and plant some tiny seeds for our garden. First, we watched a video on how to plant seeds and a time lapse of a growing plant (the students were amazed!) We planted 25 different types of vegetables, herbs and flowers in little cardboard pots. We will re-plant these after the school holidays and then put them into one of our school’s garden beds. Hopefully late next term we have some veggies to eat from our very own prep garden!


Have a wonderful and safe break these school holiday foundation families. Thank you for all of your hard work and support this term. See you in term 4 for more learning and fun!


September 11

Week 9

Wow, things have been so busy in Prep land these past few weeks! Today, Prep C completed a mindfulness session about decision making. They discussed how sometimes making a choice can be difficult. We listened to the mindfulness activity below from Smiling Mind and discussed times we felt we had a difficult choice to make. Students then drew pictures to show these decisions. You can create an account on the smiling mind app to use at home!

Check out some photos of Prep B learning about measurement in Maths a few weeks ago!

Prep B also did some writing for their amazing teacher, Alice! Look how far their writing has come since the start of the year. Full sentences, full stops and capital letters- wow!

August 23

100 day celebration and Book Week

We had so much fun in Prep Land this week!

We started off with our 100 day’s of prep celebration party. The students have learnt so much in their time in prep. From writing to maths, to following routines and gaining independence at school, our preps and their families should be proud of their achievements.

This week was also Book Week! On Wednesday prep students teamed up with the grade 3/4’s for multi age actives. It was a lot of fun!


This morning we had a book parade with the whole school. We had so many amazing costumes and book characters.


August 7

In the library…

Preps love coming into the library to browse and borrow books and chat with our librarian, Olga. Our library is a wonderful space to relax, learn and share our love of reading. Today Prep C read the story book I do not eat the colour green!  It had lots of rhyming words in it! Here are a couple of photos of the students during today’s library session.

July 31

Top secret activity for principal’s day!

Today the preps completed a top secret activity for principal’s day (this Friday the 2nd of August). Principal’s day is a special day held each year in Victoria to recognise and celebrate all of the hard work they do for the school.

Here is a photo of some students in prep C making something for Matt Bott and Rebecca but shhhh please keep it a surprise!

Prep A also did some writing for Matt and Rebecca.. here is a photo of one of the pieces! Their writing is fantastic! Look at those capital letters and the spaces between words.

July 24

Buddies, Maths and Visual Arts and The moon!

 What a fantastic few weeks it’s been in Prep-town!


The photos below show a buddies lesson between the prep students and Grade 5/6’s last Thursday. In buddies the 5/6s taught the preps a skill. They was shoe lace tying, computer skills and even ballet! Everyone had a lot of fun.  



In Maths today, Prep C learnt about bundling. They were given a problem “We have a bucket of icy pole sticks, how can we find out how many there are?” Students discussed the quickest and easiest way to count them. They decided it would be by 10’s and so in groups, proceeded to group together 10 icy pole sticks. This lesson will lead onto a discussion about place value!


Visual Arts

In the foundation visual arts lesson this week, students learnt about the artist Yayoi Kusama and her colourful dots. Yayoi Kusama saw the world in dots and used her art to make sense of everything around her. They painted dots, spots and circles using their hands! It was a really fun lesson!


The Moon

Preps have been talking about the moon this term and some of them got a chance to watch this awesome youtube clip. Check it out!!!!

July 17

Welcome back! Term 3


Today all the foundation students completed a lesson from the maths unit Numbers beyond 20. The learning goal was ‘ I can make numbers in groups of 10’s’. Students discussed place value, named numbers and connected numbers beyond 20 to 10’s frames. They then rotated through three groups of hands on activities using bundling sticks, towers of ten and abacus.

Have a look at some of the photos from the lesson!





June 26

End of Term 2…

Wow, where has this term gone!? We are almost at the end of term 2 with the holidays providing a well deserved break for all. It’s been a very busy few weeks in prepland! We’ve had some of the grade 1/2 teachers coming into chat with students during the morning assembly. They have been sharing what it’s like to be in grade 1/2. Naturally the prep students had many questions to ask, some which included “What do you write about? What do we do in grade 1/2?”. It’s been fantastic to learn about what it’s like to be in grade 1/2.

Aged Care Facility

Today Prep C walked down to the aged care facility. The students were amazing at showing the school values on the way to and from the park. Students spent the morning chatting to the residents and singing songs. It was such a glorious morning that we walked through the park on the way back to school.




Developmental Play

A big thank you to the Prep families for sending in a plethora of boxes for us to use during developmental play last Friday! We had a great time putting our design and technology skills to use in making all manner of creative things (which we were very, very excited to take home!). The day was made even more special by getting to dress up as an animal for the day. Who would have thought that school would be this much fun?!







June 19

This week in Prep…


We started our additive thinking unit in Prep this week. We are learning to join two parts to make a whole of total. These photos show the end of Alice’s group, making number sentences.


Letters and Sounds

The Preps have been learning all about the sound that the letters ‘th’ make when they are together in words. In Prep A, we made some tooth fairies who like to collect teeth with ‘th’ words on them! We had a great discussion about what the tooth fairy does with all those teeth she collects! J I wonder if our Prep A families can help us find more ‘th’ words in our daily readers to add to our list?!



This Friday the preps will be doing some developmental play using boxes! If you have any spare boxes at home, please send them in.

June 12

A wonderful week in prep…

This week was very exciting for the foundation students. Here is a snapshot of what we got up to!

Earlier this week…

The Preps were very excited to meet the gorgeous Heather, who is in training to be a seeing eye dog. She is currently living with a MPPS family, so you might see Heather around the school at drop off or pick up times. Katrina brought Heather into the Prep rooms and it was a great experience for the Preps  to learn about the wonderful work that seeing eye dogs do and what it’s like to live with a puppy who goes to school just like we do! In literacy, we have been learning all about asking questions, so we asked (a very patient) Katrina lots and lots of questions! I think our biggest surprises were that we weren’t allowed to touch Heather while she is wearing her harness and that she isn’t allowed to play fetch with balls. A great way to put our questioning skills into action!




Prep B completed their very first VIP writing task. Each week students take it in turns being selected for the VIP (Very Important Prep). The teacher chooses a student and the class discusses what that student is good at, what they are liked and why they are special. Each student then writes a letter and draws a picture to the VIP. The letters are then put into a very special book for the VIP to take home. Throughout the year each student will get the opportunity to be the VIP. Here are some photos of the amazing writing that was done today!


This afternoon Prep C did some visual arts exploration.They learnt about drawing, specifically about rubbings! A rubbing is a drawing technique where paper is placed over a textured surface or a shape. The paper is gently rubbed with the side of a pencil and the texture appears on the paper. Take a look at there awesome explorative work.



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